Thursday, April 12, 2012

One of My Favorites

I wrote this poem quite a while back, and have made a few changes to it recently.  It is still not where I want it to be, so I will probably come back to it again.

I have tried to express thoughts that we all experience at some time in our lives.  How we behave when they strike makes all the difference, and how we perceive in our heart is how we usually behave.

There are many ways to interpret this poem, from the title to the last word - maybe that's why I like it...I hope you enjoy it and it makes you look a little deeper too.

Which Will Be

Fear envelops me, wraps its cold arms around me, and swallows me.

Vanity blinds hope as I walk its endless and purposeless path - all is vanity.


My dreams are endless - shafts of sunlight piercing the clouds.

I am a new creation, my world, and all that surrounds me.


Which I choose to see, which I choose to follow,

That is me

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