Friday, March 15, 2013


My daughter asked me a while back "What do you believe in?".

It got me thinking - not about what I believe in, but about whether or not it really matters what I believe.  Reality is reality, facts are facts, truth is truth - right?  So if what I believe conflicts with those concrete things, does it really matter what I believe?

Yes, it matters.

We each live in our own reality, a reality that we often make for ourselves or one that those around us make for us.  Think on it: our parents make our reality when we are children, our nation makes our parents reality, our nation's reality is engraved in the history of time, and mankind's reality is created by God. But if our reality is different than God's created one, we are out of sync with true reality and we are out of sync with truth.

We are what we believe, we really are.

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